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New York Times ~ But the ensemble’s strongest quality is its energy, particularly that of its cellist, Arnold Choi, whose rich tone and muscular style are the group’s backbone. His colleagues — Serena McKinney, violinist, and Katie Kadarauch, violist — are a counterweight to his sound.

Kelowna Daily Courier ~ It was one of those performances where the soloist (Arnold Choi) knocks the ball right out of the park. Tone, technique, and heart, Choi has it all. Moreover, his playing seemed to elevate that of the entire orchestra. At the Concerto’s conclusion the audience erupted. Besides the applause and bravos, there was whistling and shrieking. One might have thought Choi was a rock star, but star he is, indeed.


Penticton WesternNews ~ Arnold Choi executed Dvorak’s composition with great mastery of his instrument. The double stops, virtuosic scale and arpeggio passages and trills were performed with clarity and rich dynamic shadings. The blending with the orchestra felt very natural. The dark, velvety cello sound was complemented in transparent duets with flute and oboe and with harmonies of a French horn trio. There was a particular sweetness to Arnold Choi’s playing that earned him many shouts of bravo and a standing ovation.

Adelaide Advertiser ~ Violinist Serena McKinney, violist Katie Kadarauch and cellist Arnold Choi are full of energy and passion, tempered by finesse and empathy for their subject. Their reading of Penderecki’s String Trio (1990) contained some marvelous moments of dialectic charm, laced with volcanic eruptions.

Energy levels in Beethoven’s early String Trio Op. 9 were maintained with spirited but warmly contoured playing. Throughout, cellist Arnold Choi was busily involved as the glue between violin and viola.

New York Times ~ The playing, more gentle than in the Penderecki, nevertheless had the kind of drive that gives even a slowly unfolding work like Mr. Norman’s an irresistible electricity. The players — Serena McKinney, violinist; Katie Kadarauch, violist; and Arnold Choi, cellist — were as fresh and energetic in Beethoven’s Trio in G (Op. 9, No. 1). They closed their program with an earthy, magnificently polished account of Dohnanyi’s Serenade in C (Op. 10).

Arnold receives first choice at the 2012 Canada Council Instrument Bank competition and is rewarded with a 3 year loan of the "Bonjour" 1696 Antonio Stradivari cello. 

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